Feminism Without Borders (FWB) is an anti-racist anti-capitalist feminist organization. Feminism Without Borders' goal is to educate students and community members about the brutal realities of poor women's position, particularly poor women of color's position, transnationally, under global capitalism. Feminism Without Borders engages in critical dialogues, grassroots organizing, and direct action against corporate globalization, colonization, hunger and homelessness, welfare and environmental racism, the prison industrial complex, heterosexism, and sexual diseases and abuse, among other issues. Feminism Without Borders encourages all people from all backgrounds (e.g., race, ethnicity, gender, class, nationality, sexuality, etc.) who care about social justice issues and actions to get involved. Feminism Without Borders has chapters at the University of Maryland, College Park (near DC) and the State University of New York at New Paltz (near NYC).

Somos Todos Zapatistas! Viva Ramona!

“In Every Corner” by Teresa Ortiz
In every corner you see me
every day.
From so much seeing me,
you stop seeing me.
            In every corner you see me
            and you no longer see me
            because you don’t want to see me.
You ignore me,
you pass me by.
I am there and you act as if I weren’t there.
When I talk to you
            you don’t listen
            you don’t answer
            you walk away.
I am there
In every corner of the city,
sitting on the sidewalk
with a child tied to my back
and another one playing by my side.
            I am there
            Wearing a multicolor
            flowered blouse,
            woolen skirt,
            bare feet.
                        I am there
                        selling dolls with ski-masked faces,
                        with rifles in hand,
                        with wooden horses.
                                    And you,
                                    only pass me by.
I wonder:
If I myself had
            a ski-masked face
            and a rifle in hand,
                        what then         
                        would you do?
                                    would you talk to me then?
                                    would you just pass me by?